Raptor Rehabilitation Seminar

Saturday March 16

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8:30 AM  –  4:00 PM

Thank you for your interest in our Raptor Rehabilitation Seminar! If you are trying to book a "Weekend Class Pass," please follow these directions below:

To Book a Weekend Class Pass:

1) Select the "Adult" price category from the choices below.

2) Click the "Register" button and fill out all required information fields below (i.e. name, address, etc.).

3) Click the "Add to Cart" button.

4) Once on the review cart screen, click the blue hyperlink under "Event Registrations" which should begin "Raptor Rehabilitation Seminar - " followed by the price type (adult). This will return you to the previous "Add to Cart" screen.

5) Click the orange-red "Other Dates" button immediately below the date you were originally booking (i.e. Saturday, October 6).

6) On the pop-up calendar, select the second date you are booking. In this example Sunday, October 7.

7) Once the new date refreshes, add the 'Adult" price category as you did for the previous date. (i.e. Adult)

8) Click the "Register" button, and on the right side of the screen, click the "Auto fill with" drop down menu  and click the option "Your Name - Raptor Rehabilitation Seminar". This will pre-populate all of your information from the previous screen, so you do not have to re-type it again.

10) Type in "WKNDREHAB" to the Discount Code field to receive the $20 discount for booking both sessions.

If you have questions, please call us at (704) 875-6521 x107 to be connected to the Events and Marketing Coordinator for help.